Craniosacral Therapy comes from the tradition of Osteopathy

Cranio Sacral Thereapy bodywork orcas island eastsoundA gentle hands-on technique that supports the body’s self healing abilities.

The craniosacral system is made up of the 12 cranial bones, the spine, the sacrum, the cerebral spinal fluid and surrounding tissues.

The practitioner uses light touch to “listen” to and feel subtle rhythms and holding  patterns within the body,  helping the body to release tension, restrictions and trauma  and restoring tissue and fluid mobility, and supporting vitality.

It is believed that the cranial bones and the sacrum move in natural rhythm with the fluctuation of the cerebral spinal fluid. When this natural motion is restricted due to injury, stress and trauma, the result is disease, restriction, dysfunction and pain.

Within the cerebrospinal fluid is a potent energy called the breath of life.

Cranial therapy is effective for a wide range of illnesses, and can be helpful for babies and children, as well as adults.

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