The Kunlun ® system

Internal alchemy practices

KUNLUN meditation

The name Kunlun means:

kunlunPath of no more learning, top of the head, crown, or path of Heaven. It is also a range of mountains in China, said to be the home of the Immortals.

The Kunlun ® system comes from Taoist and Egyptian traditions, and is considered a root practice with many variations found in the 12 mystery schools. These methods and practices act as a key for unlocking our potential and reconnecting us to our deepest truth.

In the beginning of practice, you learn basic seated and standing postures, breathing methods, and hand mudras. The Kunlun System generates a magnetic frequency, raising your vibration, and purifying body and mind. It is considered to be a water practice, and as such, has profound healing and regenerating effects for the body, mind, and spirit, toning and strengthening the 70 thousand nadis or energy lines of the body. Long term practice will energy for transformation and awakening.

One hour of the Kunlun method is said to be equal to 100 years of other practices. The Kunlun system is called the “quick quick” path.

As we practice and heal, more of our true nature is revealed. Sometimes we see things we need to change or let go of on our paths. As our vibration changes we may no longer resonate with our old way of being. We may find we attract, and are attracted to new situations, people, and places, clearing away false beliefs and magnetizing what is in alignment with who and what we are.

The Kunlun system is taught in group classes, seminars and private sessions.

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