Melissa Rodriguez

Melissa is a Certified Comprehensive Balance Body Pilates instructor who has also completed the CoreAlign instructor training. She looks forward to bringing you a pilates program that builds a sustainable fitness, mobility and wellness program to your life. Melissa has spent the better part of her life helping others in a successful career serving her community. In an effort to reduce the stress in her life she wanted to start a practice that would bring her mind-body connection to the forefront, pilates was the answer. It was through her pilates journey that she found its ability to lengthen, strengthen and stabilize her body while energizing her mind. Melissa trained with Balance Body Master Instructor Lisa Graham and Arwen Brooke at Agile Monkey Studio in Santa Cruz, CA. Melissa also worked at Agile Monkey before moving to Orcas Island. As an instructor, Melissa is dedicated to the Pilates Method but is always adapting her teaching to her clients’ needs. Her teaching style is one of empowerment, encouraging students to learn their way into better fitness & an overall better life experience. Melissa offers Reformer and Mat classes as well as Private sessions. Intro Offer: Try your first 3 CoreAlign sessions for only $100. Mellisa's email is